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How to help

If you are a Child Care Center, or in charge of an After-School Care Program for children ages 1-18, simply call or utilize our contact information page to reach out to us and see if you qualify for FREE food programs through THE WAY FORWARD FOUNDATION.

Produce Donations

THE WAY FORWARD FOUNDATION is always proud to be part of your annual Donation process for your "Pay it Forward" beliefs. We can always use fresh seasonal fruit from your produce wholesale business. 


KAM Care Housing (See Our PROJECTS Tab)
We also work in conjunction with KAM Care, a facility designed to house those in need of TRANSITIONAL HOUSING. Your referral needs for services to house people in crisis is greatly appreciated.

Just call Mr. Moore at 323-819-4265 to check for bed availability.  

Latest project

Our latest project is dedicated to furthering the advancement of proper meal planning and food consumption for our children in all areas of Los Angeles County. We hope to teach our children healthy eating habits designed to help them along in a gaining all that life has to offer from eating healthy and nutritionally fortified meals. 


"Passionate about changing lives with people we care about and we care about everybody. The Way Forward Foundation has been serving you since 2010."

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