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A program designed to help with resources such as finding a job, and tackling issues that have accumalated chronic homeless. 


If you own a building such as an apartment building or a commercial property that can be either loaned or donated to us for our cause we would greatly appreciate talking to you about the advantages of doing so. 

Together we can all make a difference or alone we can all just wonder what could have done to make a difference when we had the chance. Let's change our community together. Join us at THE WAY FORWARD FOUNDATION to help eliminate hunger and homelessness in Los Angeles. Change starts when you start. 

Your donations to THE WAY FORWARD FOUNDATION are chiefly utilized in helping those in need of stable housing and feeding those that are not fortunate enough to pay for meals on their own. Through our CACFP Program we our dedicated in the earnest cause of helping our children see the importance of healthy eating and meal planning.

Along with KAM Care, a current up and running transtion home located in Los Angeles, we hope to even house more adults in need of our assistance in finding stable housing. Your donations go to the meticulous task of operating a much larger facility based on the KAM Care mantra of Re-Entry and placement. 

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